Polar Pharma Inc. is a Finnish family business

While in the ownership of the same family, Polar Pharma Inc. has worked in the health product stock- and marketing business for over 20 years. We employ the best professionals of our field and all of our products are manufactured from fresh, high quality materials while utilizing latest studies.

-Jani Sievinen nytlähtee- weight control group 2011.-

Our business concept is to be the flagship of our business field and offer clinically tested and innovative health products for the Finnish market. Additionally we exploit high quality, tested and affirmed Finnish sports drinks.

We always try to be one step ahead and constantly develop new products for our market.
All of the products we bring to the market are tested and consumer approved. Our products are sold in natural product
stores, drug stores and well equipped department stores.

Our web shop partner is Terveyskioski.

Our personnel is actively in contact with our retailers and we deliver our products from our own warehouses/ dispatch departments. This is how we can guarantee our high quality from the conveyor belt all the way to the final consumer.

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