Tonalin CLA

With Tonalin you can lose weight and tone your body effectively! Tonalin is the world’s most tested CLA-commodity, which can help you lose weight and your fat percentage. It also helps you protect your muscles and gives you faster recovery after sports activities. Tonalin-CLA also
prevents fat storage. It has been tested that dieters as well as athletes can benefit from Tonalin.


AntiWir is a product that has been developed by Finnish experts and professors. It includes three natural power substances. The three support and enhance each other, they are olive leaf extract, monolaurin and melissa extract. Together these three active substances help maintain a human beings good, natural immune system.


Osteolis moves and connects chalk to the bone – all the way there – and keeps your blood vessels clean at the same time! D3- vitamins function is to transport and infuse chalk, then the chalks K2-vitamine connects the chalk to the bones surface. Osteolis optimizes the way the body utilizes the chalk in food. The natural K2-vitamine has a long term effect, because of this, chalk doesn’t stick to your blood vessels.

Hart-Sport sportdrink

The one and only original Finnish sports drink! Hart-Sport sports drinks increase performance and durability, maintain mineral nutrient- and energy balance and speed up recovery. Product-specific web pages:


Gutzy is a Finnish brand with a selection of products that are mainly food supplements for
active movers and athletes. From the Gutzy-series you will find a variety of
drinks, snacks and gels for every training situation. An athlete only needs
food supplements in three different stages: before executing, during execution and
after execution. Product-specific web pages: 

AS L-teaniini 40 tabl.

AntiSress relaxes and releases tension without making you drowsy.  The L-teanin in it increases dopamine, serotonin and the production of alfa-waves in the brain: this results in the feeling of relaxation and anxiety release without the drowsiness. The reaction kicks in at about 40 minutes, after that your thought process rides bright, without the disabling effect of tension. AntiStress gets great consumer feedback regularly.

EATLESS Appethyl

EATLESS- The world's first appethyl spinach extract food supplement. EATless is based on Appethyl an extract from spinach components – thylakoids.  It is a unique formula with scientifically identified mechanisms for suppressing hunger signals and promoting reward in the brain.

The beneficial health effects of EATLESS Appethyl have been demonstrated in several clinical studies carried out at Lund University: Appethyl was found to promote body weight reduction, reduce waist circumference and improve metabolic parameters such as cholesterol and glucose levels. Appethyl works in a unique triple effect: lowering appetite, delaying absorption of fats, thereby triggering release of satiety hormones, and prolonging uptake of carbohydrates. The effects, use and production of thylakoids are protected thru three patents pending.

How EATLESS can be used? EATLESS sachet contains 5 g Appethyl-spinach extract. All of the studies used doses of 5 grams per day. Dose bag full of Eatless Appethyl product can be mixed (5g) for breakfast and / or lunch in the context of water, juice, yoghurt, porridge or the like.

Tradamix TX1000 16 tabl.
SOS Healt Liposomi D3-vitamiini 4000IU